Please read carefully

The recommendations provided by this website are based on compatibility tests carried out on vehicles and wheel/tyre combinations using Konig snowchains.

Variations can be introduced during the production life of a vehicle model and the physical dimensions of tyres from different manufacturers can vary significantly for a given size so the recommendations of this website are provided as a guide only

Responsibility for assessing suitability is solely that of the user. Before installing and using snowchains:

  • Please read your vehicles use and maintenance booklet provided by the manufacturer carefully
  • Check that that the vehicle and wheel/tyre combination allow sufficient clearance to safely mount and operate the snow chains
  • Check that the chain can adequately adjust so it is not loose on the tyre (chain too large for tyre), nor too tight and unable to close correctly (tyre too large for chain)

In all cases we recommend doing a trial assembly and fit test in safe conditions, checking for a short distance while moving slowly, that there is no interference between the chain and the vehicles mechanical parts.

Konig and Roof Rack Systems NZ Ltd will not be held liable for any damage to property or people caused by improper use of snow chains that do not comply with indications given in your vehicle‘s use and maintenance booklet or with the instruction manual provided with each snowchain set